Sunday, November 1, 2009

“An Eye for an Eye, Makes the World go Blind”

“An Eye for an Eye, Makes the World go Blind” WOW!!! What a statement... I heard this from my 16 yr. old son. When I first heard this, it got me thinking... When I am in THAT mood to return anger with anger, or retaliate for something that someone did to me, what good does it REALLY do? I mean, bitterness, anger, revenge, etc. gets into your heart and mind and begins the destructive, downward spiral..  It begins the process of me getting on the wrong path... When your on the wrong path, it leads to the wrong destination. Who really WANTS to go to the wrong place..? When someone does something to me (they poke MY eye), and I retaliate (I poke their eye), what good does it do? We both go blind!!!! The only person that feels better is ME... and oh yeah, I forgot, It’s all about me...

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