Thursday, October 8, 2009

You gotta be in it, to win it...

There are things in our lives that we all need to do better, for me, it's to not say these words after each time I finish saying something... "You know what I mean?" I have to admit, I do say that A LOT.... Why do I say that? If I can't say what I mean, then WHY AM I SAYING ANYTHING? I have to ask people if they know what I mean....  So, we have started a Staff Competition here at C3 (you can always depend on a competition going on). Gary, Dawn, Konan and myself are holding each other accountable for those things in our lives that we want to change... Each time we are caught doing that "Thing" that we want to change, we have to throw in a quarter in the jar... Then at a given time, we will take the money out and go to lunch. (spilt just gary's portion and go to Red Lobster...)

My Point: Having someone else help hold you accountable to do what you say you want to do is not a bad thing... Maybe if we had more people in our lives to help us "Say what we mean, and mean what we say", this world might just be a different place... But you gotta be in it, to win it... (the competition that is)

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